Megan the Trainer

I help people get rid of chronic pain FOR GOOD through mobility work & better movement patterns to GET THEIR LIVES BACK!  

Feel better, look better, and move the way you want.

Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor

Over 5 years of in-person experience specializing in mobility, functional training, strength training, HIIT, kickboxing, MMA conditioning, senior fitness, and more!

Are you ready to

  • get rid of your chronic pain forever
  • spend time doing the thing you love without pain
  • feel confident in your skin
  • gain strength
  • reach your body goals quickly and easily

I’ll help you reach those goals!

About Me

I work with clients online and in-person to help them get rid of their chronic pain forever AND get their body results in the process. Contact me if you’re ready to get rid of your chronic pain, feel your best, AND reach your fitness goals.

For more information about my views on fitness, trends, and other health related topics, please visit my blog.

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Are you ready to fix your chronic pain to feel better and look better? Send me a message! Have a question about something you saw? Feel free to ask any questions!

Megan Abbott

Personal trainer and group instructor based in Richmond, VA.

Do you have questions about how to work with me or health/fitness? Contact me!

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