About Me

My Journey from Mental Health to Chronic Pain to Healthy and Happy!

Short story:

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 5 years as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. After a car accident in 2017 that caused debilitating chronic back pain, I found my passion for mobility and strength work to help people live the lives they want. I know firsthand how chronic pain significantly impacts your social life, mental health, ability to do normal day-to-day activities, and feel and look the way you want. After going through both traditional and non-traditional practices, incorporating mobility and basic strength work changed my life. My goal is help others do the same!

Long story:

Background. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA with a single alcoholic parent. I struggled with anxiety and depression starting from a young age and ended up on medications for a significant part of my life. It wasn’t until I was about 24 years old that I really found fitness, and my life completely changed. I knew almost immediately that this was my true passion.  

My first couple years in fitness I took an interest in the body building community. In September 2017, I was in a car accident that would force a shift in my fitness paradigm. On the surface, it wasn’t a bad one accident. Right before, I was in amazing shape, but I started having serious back pain the night of the accident that also turned in to chronic nerve pain. It hurt to do everything from sitting, driving, standing, and working out. I tried natural therapies at first to see if I could resolve it. I did everything from float therapy, cryotherapy, massages, yoga, chiropractic care, etc. Nothing really seemed to help. I saw several doctors and ended up in physical therapy and in a spine and pain management office. I saw 6 different physical therapists with no real solution. I had 9 procedures done at the spine and pain management office with no difference. I saw a surgeon and no guarantees. During this time, I was advised by all my practitioners not to workout. 

Where I am now. I have been able to resolve my back pain almost 100% by rehabbing myself using corrective exercise techniques coupled with strength training and keeping inflammation in my body low. I can do all my normal day-to-day activities, enjoy social events again, and workout 4-6 days per week. It frustrates and annoys me that it took over 2 years to get here. I want to help others feel better faster and not waste time and money going through the process I went through.

My training philosophy. When I first started working out and for many years after, I trained very much like a body builder. I did “bro” splits, fasted cardio, HIIT, and counted macros. I trained clients like most new trainers trying to make the workouts as hard as I could with no real and thoughtful programming. After my accident and I was forced to face my own health issues, I love helping people who suffer from chronic pain to break free and be able to live life again. I know exactly how debilitating chronic pain is on life in its entirety AND how amazing it feels coming out on the other side. I am here to help people get rid of chronic pain FOR GOOD through mobility work and better movement patterns to GET THEIR LIVES BACK!  Are you ready to get your life back? Work with me!

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